Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farmers Market

Remember when I said I was visiting one of the many local markets in Riga, Latvia?

This was the market I visited that day.

A lady stands behind her stand
It was a very cool experience, with the bustling people and stalls overflowing with fruits and vegetables.

I think it was the first time on my trip where I haven't felt like a tourist. Sure, I didn't understand what anyone was saying, and maybe I looked a bit out of place, but people were talking to me in Latvian, and I sort of felt like another local visiting the market to pick up some fresh produce.

Strawberries and Cheeries galore!
And fresh produce there was. Stalls and stalls of it.

What actually surprised me most was the amounts of cherries for sale. At almost every stand a turned to there would be a large box of cherries that just made me want to dig my hand in and start nibbling. Needless to say, I didn't do that.

Instead, I watched my beloved cherries from afar, while also admiring the large quantities of tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries (though the strawberries were a bit different than the ones I see at home) that people were selling.

I loved it!

But then again, I've always loved farmers markets, from the small little one near my house, to the giant ones I visited I'm places like California. I'm really glad I got to visit yet another in Riga, and I'm also glad that I got to share my experience with people like you.

Feel free to comment and tell me about one of your farmers market trips.  I'd love to hear about it!

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