Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kid (it is not related to children)

My favorite restaurant that I visited while in Latvia was called Kid. Though, as the business card clearly stated, it was not related to children at all.

I liked everything about the restaurant, from the stylish chairs that were part of the outdoor seating to the silverware that was tucked into colorful fabric pockets. There was also a very nice no-smoking seating area.

Another reason Kid stood apart from the the other places I'd visited was the menu. Many vegetarian dishes were available, including soups, salads, sides, and assorted main dishes. I got the vegetables soup with a side of grilled vegetables and my friend got the goat cheese creme brûlée.

Vegetable Soup
My soup was very flavorful and full of veggies, and the grilled vegetables had the smoky taste of being on the grill that I love (they were also only about $1.80). My friend enjoyed her meal too, though the portion size was a bit small.

Goat Cheese Creme Brûlée
When the time for dessert came around, we eagerly excepted the menus, as both of us were still hungry.

I chose to get the ice cream. It was 3 scoops- chocolate, vanilla, and wild berry- with a chocolate drizzle, nuts, and a couple fresh strawberries. Not only did it look good, it tasted rich and creamy too.

The fruit sorbet was also ordered for dessert. The assortment of flavors consisted of strawberry, peach, and wood rose, which I had never heard of before. I didn't try any, but reportedly it was very good, the wood rose flavor sweet and light.

The last thing ordered was a coffee, which tasted fine, and came with a very cool jar of brown sugar cubes which I felt inclined to photograph.

If you ever visit Latvia, I highly reccommend visiting Kid. It is in no way Latvian food, but the food that is on the menu is tasty, and the multiple restaurants are nicely located. It's an especially good place if you're looking for a lighter meal, or something somewhat healthy.  Nonetheless, for meat lovers, there's also a variety of fish and meat dishes.  Believe me, this place has something for everyone!
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