Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Watermelon Slushies

Today, summer officially begins.

So, I thought it only appropriate to give you guys a truly summer-y recipe.

Something cold.  Something fresh.  Something to relax outside with while enjoying the sunshine.  Something like a Watermelon Slushie.

Now, don't get the wrong idea.  These slushies are not the brightly colored ones you buy at the movies.  They are not packed with sugar and artificial ingredients.  Instead, they're refreshing little glasses of fresh fruit that you most definitely won't feel guilty slurping up.

Watermelon Slushies
  • Roughly 2 cups frozen watermelon
  • 1 cup fresh watermelon
  • 2 fresh mint leaves
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • A spoonful of sugar, if needed
Thaw your frozen watermelon a bit, if desired.  Then, blend everything together in a food processor until it's a slushie-like consistency.  Pour into 2 or 3 glasses and enjoy!

Side Note:  To make sorbet you can freeze the mixture and then blend again once it's frozen

There are few things in this world better than a cool drink in the hot sun.  So, treat yourself to sophisticated watermelon slushie today.  I know you won't regret it.

After all, it is the first day of summer.  What better way to celebrate?

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  1. What a great idea for watermelon! I've never thought about freezing it before to make slushies! This I have to try! Thanks for the idea :)

    1. No problem, but I cant take all the credit. I actually got the idea to freeze watermelon from the Chocolate Covered Katie blog.