Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strawberry Banana Bread

It's was my dads birthday last week, so I did what any good daughter would do: I made him breakfast!  Strawberry Banana Bread to be exact

Right when I took the bread out of the oven I knew it would be a huge success.  It just had that promising perfectly browned top that was sure to yield an amazing slice of banana (and strawberry) goodness.

And sure enough, I was very right.  The bread was devoured!  The whole family chipped in, eating at least one piece, and by the end of the day the whole loaf had disappeared completely.  

But most importantly, my dad enjoyed it, which was pretty much all I wanted.

To find the recipe visit here.  And, trust me, use the optional strawberries.

I have to say, this banana bread really brought me back to my childhood.  The days when I would come running downstairs after my bath at night for a piece of piping hot banana bread that had just come out of the oven.

I remember that banana bread was one of the few things my dad could make really well.  He would whip up a loaf whenever the bananas turned so brown that no one would dare touch them.  I'm pretty sure the first time he made it he had to convince me that he hadn't used the ugly banana because otherwise I wouldn't even go near the loaf.

Anyway, add this recipe to your collection.  The strawberries add a nice twist and it can easily be made non-fat by using a certain type of milk.
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