Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peaches and Ice Cream

I'm gonna miss peaches.

They're one of those fruits that just isn't the same during the colder months.  Therefore, I'm trying to eat peaches as much as possible before summer draws to a close.

I've made crumbles, pizzas, salads, and, now, you're about to hear about my most recent creation:

Peaches and Ice Cream.

Simple, but heavenly, this summer treat will help you beat the heat, without weighing you down.  It's light, fruity, and, most importantly, super yummy.

Perfection on a spoon.

Peaches and Ice Cream
(makes one serving)

For the Ice Cream:  I used this recipe, which makes just one serving, and is very healthy as far as ice cream goes.  However, when making it, be aware of the type of milk you use because it strongly affects the flavor.  I made my ice cream with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and about 1 tbsp sugar, and I could definitely taste the almonds in the final product (though not in a bad way).  Feel free to use your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream, too, if you like.

For the Peaches: I simply cut up one peach and topped my ice cream with it.  It tasted amazing, though very simple.  If you want to get a bit fancier, one option could be making a peach compote and topping your ice cream with that.  Some whipped cream on top of the peaches would probably also taste really great.

I learned a long time ago that, when in the kitchen, simplicity is often the way to go.

If a recipe has 30 steps, it doesn't mean it's any better than one with 3, and most of the time, it's actually worse.  When dishes get over-complicated, all the great flavors of the ingredients you're working can get muddled and lost, creating something that's far less tasty than what it could have been.

Of course, that's not to say that a complex dish will taste bad.  When done right, it can taste amazing.

Unfortunately, i'm not really one of those people who can do it right.  My complicated meals usually end badly.  And with a lots of leftovers.

But simple?  Simple I can do.

And I'm gonna keep doing it, because when it ends in something like Peaches and Ice Cream, there is no good reason to stop.

(This post is also in honor of soft ice cream day, which is today!)

Revisited Recipe of the Day:

Grilled Peach and Sausage Salad

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    1. Thanks so much! Your ice cream was very delicious and easy, and inspired the dish!